The Big Rebuild Part 3

So everything was fitted and working but the car needs setting up, the throttle body, MAF sensor, ignition timing and the idle air control valve. The car does start and run, but it is clearly not happy so the final part of getting the car usable is to address all of these things, because this is what I am currently faced with.

There is an extensive process required to set all of this up and as it has a distributor a timing light is also required. The throttle body butterfly needs setting with a feeler gauge, along with a process of ignition on and offs to set the idle air control valve and get the correct idle speed with it blocked off using a screw in the throttle body.

The screw usually has a anti tamper plug in the top, as you have probably already guessed this has been removed, probably by someone who was fiddling with it to try and fix a fault caused entirely by something else. Along with setting up the throttle body, the throttle position sensor requires setting using the computer to make sure that the ECU sees a zero throttle position when at idle. I had also fitted a new throttle position sensor kit that I had bought along with all the other parts for the rebuild.

After a lot of using the timing light in the dark, getting the throttle body just right and everything else that needed playing with, it was running perfectly. Idle was spot on what was being requested by the ECU, throttle response was improved, it started up straight away every time and drove like a dream.

In true excited child mode, I was off out for a drive, neglecting the further photos or videos and just enjoying myself. WOooOOoowoooo!!