Some Brake and Clutch Parts

Following on from the dissolving brake fluid reservoir, I went online and found somewhere in europe that had a load of the MK3 Fiesta brake fluid reservoirs. Knowing that these are completely unavailable I bought all that they had. Unfortunately one seems to be for the ABS model with extra pipes so it probably no good, but four good ones is certainly a start.

When I bought the car I also was aware that the clutch slave cylinder was leaking and would need replacement. So it makes sense that while I am in the footwell doing the brake fluid reservoir, I should also change the clutch master cylinder too. I have bought a new clutch master, clutch slave, some gearbox oil and some differential oil. Seems like a sensible time to change to silicone brake fluid also.

I got some engine oil and a filter to change the oil for now, and I will probably leave the clutch and brake components for a while as I have a feeling the clutch that is fitted to the car is crap and will probably need replacing soon also. Everything is working for now though, so I shall add these new parts to my ever growing collection of TVR parts and get round to changing the whole lot at some point in the future.