Rotor Arm

Further down the fault finding rabbit hole, following a conversation with the Distributor Doctor about my random cutting out I am today fitting a new rotor arm.

So the story goes, the only option for rotor arms now are aftermarket as Lucas are no longer making proper parts. Unfortunately the aftermarket items contain so much carbon black to give the product the colour that they are now becoming conductive. Shorting out the high voltage arcs from the distributor cap through the distributor body before it can reach the lead contacts.

Sure enough on removal, you can see this new genuine Lucas part is doing exactly that, take a look at the burning at the edges of the contact.

I had a replacement from the Distributor Doctor that uses no carbon black, but is red instead. Popped the new part on, out for a test drive and the cutting out fault remains.

I will do some more research and see where I am going next for diagnosing the fault.