Private Plate

The car came with a private plate, clearly it meant something to one of the previous owners, it means nothing to me and as it is one of those plates clearly supposed to spell something but failing miserably it has to go.

A quick check with the paperwork and it appears that the car had N83 SPK as the original plate, that is wholly acceptable, not trying to be something it isn’t and keeping the original plate from build on the car is a nice touch. £80 later and the old plate is on retention and I can put the original plate back on the car.

Now it would be nice to pop along to the local TVR dealer and get them to make me some, however that ship has long past sailed, to I went online to get someone to design me some new ones. This is what they came up with.

A few days later and they had arrived.

I was very pleased with these, although there was one minor setback that I never realised when I ordered them. The rear number plate is backlit instead of having a light shining on the plate like literally every other car ever made. Thanks TVR. Now I should by all accounts have the rear plate made again using the correct backing so the number plate lights up as it should, but I think I will save that for an MOT failure, or extreme boredom. You can see the lights here behind the number plate.

Either way, minor issue aside, I was very pleased with them, so have a number plate video, not a gratuitous exhaust burble video, honest.