One Last Problem

Since rebuilding the car and eliminating as many of the problems as possible, one remains.

It is oddly specific, when the car is first started, it performs faultlessly, stop the car for a bit say to refuel, or have a something to eat and at the start of the journey on acceleration the car will die, as if someone has turned the ignition off. All of the lights and dials stay on as you would expect, release the throttle and wait a second or so, it bursts back into life and you can go again. This would repeat a number of times at the start of the second journey and any subsequent journey for say three to five times then it would behaved properly. Once the car is left overnight and restarted from cold it will repeat this process, first start fine, every subsequent start as above. I cannot make this happen any other way than as described.

The ignition components are new, so I would like to think are working properly, however my questioning of the quality of new parts also suggests even new parts might be faulty. To me it would seem fuel related as if the fuel is not getting to the engine, I go to check the fuel pump and I see this.

Clearly someone has had an issue before and has been adding test lines to the fuel pump to eliminate the relays. I will get a pump and filter ordered and see what happens from there. I suspect I am going to be chasing this problem for some time given that I cannot recreate the issue on demand. Wouldn’t fault finding be so much easier if things would break properly.