Number Plate Move

When I bought the car, one of the first things I had to do was remove the front grille, because there is a surprising amount of things back there. Well I finally got the grille back in place, a combination of wanting to be sure that I didn’t have to go rooting about in there again and laziness.

Now previously it was secured with a couple of cable ties, and to be honest looked crap, so a lot of thinking about how to secure it without such Heath Robinson tactics, I came across this press photo and realised that it was originally held on with the number plate.

Now there are many out there that say not to put the number plate here as it “restricts airflow” and will cause overheating. Well since having a new radiator, thermostat, fan switch, sensors and setting the car up properly it will run happily around about 80 degrees all the time, so I opted for this original approach.

Firstly I removed the front number plate and the two bits of badly bent metal that had been bolted to the front to hold the number plate in the lower position. Then I was faced with getting the grille back in. Unfortunately my car no longer has the original grille, I have something that has been poorly fashioned out of a bit of wire mesh probably from Halfords, it is sharp and not quite the right shape so was a nightmare to get back in. All of the poking bits of sharp and wiggly shaped metal back into the rubber insert was a difficult practice while trying not to destroy the surrounding paintwork any more than it already is.

I had noticed in the press photo that there was no bonnet badge, I think if I keep the car long enough to be interested in addressing the bodywork I may remove this one also.

With the grille back in it became obvious what the holes in the diagonal support bars were for, it was where the number plate had been secured in the past. I drilled some new holes in the number plate and screwed it on. This secured the grille in place perfectly. I shall try and avoid any reason for taking the grille off again in the future however because fitting the grille was a horrid task.

Pleased with the result and giving the car some decent exercise on the way home the car would run at the exact temperature it did before, confirming what I always thought would be the case in regards to the “causes overheating” comments you always hear. It is their car, not the number plate that is the problem.