Ignition Parts

Needless to say, this car is a bit of a project, I bought it below market value based on it needing some further maintenance that had clearly been neglected over the years. First on that list of things were some new HT leads, distributor cap and rotor arm.

Because of the forward exit of the exhausts and the manifold design, the HT lead ends are very close to the exhaust. TVR acknowledged this and fitted some extension pieces to the end of the leads to protect them a bit from the exhaust. Now these parts are old and deteriorating and also no longer available.

Genuine Lucas parts ordered for the cap and arm and ceramic ended 8mm leads too. Now these were expensive, but reports of the leads with normal ends failing prematurely because of the heat pushed me towards them.

So the ceramic ended leads need to be cut to length and crimped, they are clearly a universal set, also annoyingly they do not come with a king lead, a bit crap for the amount they cost. There will clearly be enough left over after cutting to make one, it wouldn’t have been a big ask for a couple of extra ends.

This is what I removed, the random selection of leads and extenders all went in the bin.

Also this is the old versus new rotor arm, clearly the proud British company that once was Lucas is no more, the quality of this new part is shocking by comparison to the original. I would be keeping the original if it wasn’t burnt on the end.

A couple of hours later and all was done, except the king lead obviously. Very unimpressed at that, I will order some additional crimps and get one made up asap.

I really feel the need to point out the ends of these leads feel really, really fragile, how they last we will have to see. I also replaced the breather canister that was on top of the rocker cover as this was a rusty mess and clearly never replaced despite being a service item. I also replaced the piece of foam in the other little breather on the opposite rocker cover as it has turned to dust.