I Have A New (ish) One

You can never underestimate the power of the internet, I have managed to source a replacement ECU from one of the TVR Facebook groups.

I had initially been recommended to a well known garage that specialises in ECU upgrades, he will understandably have spares having removed the old ones. He originally quoted me £150 for one in poor condition to £250 for one in good condition. For something that is clearly a waste item for him this seemed silly that he would even bother keeping any that were in poor condition and to charge a premium for one that is likely less damaged when I already have a damaged one, also silly.

Well put off by the idea of being fleeced for something that anyone else would be throwing away, I thought I would try the Facebook groups again. A guy in Warrington contacted me and said that he had one after he had an upgraded ECU and he would like £150 too. On the basis this guy would be more appreciative of the cash, I arranged to pick it up from him.

A short drive out to meet him at a pub, yes we interrupted a family meal to talk cars, I was down £150 and up another ECU. Once home it was just a case of swapping the eeprom over as his was a 4.0 and mine is a 4.0HC, I put the replacement ECU in the old case so to keep the original ECU casing despite it looking a bit rough.

I shall get the connectors cleaned up on the wiring loom, get this plugged in and see how it goes from there.