Fuel Pump Relays

Part of the ongoing saga that is the random cutting out on second start, I was suggested to take a look at the fuel pump and ECU relays.

After some direction from one of the TVR Facebook pages, I found the two relays, clearly something has been going on here in the past looking at the state of things. The relays didn’t match and the wiring had been butchered for some reason.

Prior to going digging for the relays, I had purchased some new ones, they are oddly specific Bosch relays and the correct ones needed to be ordered. As I understand it, the diode is in an unusual location in these relays. As you can see in the picture, the wiring was nothing short of a disgrace, no idea what had been going on here.

The old relays here, one showing what appears to be water damage again. Also the plugs were showing corrosion and the pins of the metal one have been really, really hot at some stage.

I had also ordered some new five pin relay holders from ebay, the plan was to cut out the butchered wiring and relay holder, solder in a new one and fit the new relays.

I set about cutting out the old wiring that had crimp connectors, scotchlocks, soldering and bullet connectors. Wish I knew what goes through peoples heads when the play the “I am mechanic” game.

A bit of soldering and heat shrink and the new relay holders were in place, it will be nice to see if the new relays and sockets make any difference to the cutting out issue.

I wrapped all of the new wiring in some new wiring loom tape, the fabric stuff to avoid any more rattles, stuff it all back behind the battery, just like TVR did and out for a test drive.

So took the car for a drive up to Congleton, stopped off for a brew, restarted the car after a little break and set off again. This is about as technical I can get about getting the car to recreate the cutting out fault as I cannot make it happen on demand. All seemed well until I start pulling up to a roundabout and the car cuts out again. Same fault, no power then running again after a few seconds.

I will have to think up what I am going to investigate next.