Electric Window

Finally fed up of the speed at which the drivers window does, or doesn’t open I thought it was time to take a look at what I could do.

First things first, if you are friends with Mr Tickle, give him a call, you’ll need him. To remove the door card from the Chimaera, it is all done through the speaker hole.

There are fixings through the two ends of the door pull and one at the front to the left of the speaker, then the card hooks on the top of the door edge. This all seems completely reasonable until you appreciate the size of the speaker hole. How these were installed in the factory is beyond me, I will assume children, because my grown up arms got completely ruined attempting this.

Once I had removed the door card, I found the first signs that some hero had already been in here, the front window channel had the bolt missing from the bottom of the channel. This bolt goes into the bottom of the aluminium from that sticks out the top of the door to create the faux quarterlight. Big thanks to whoever thought that was a good idea.

So after a lot of head scratching, I realised that the angle at which the drive cable leaves the motor was very tight, as it was pushed against the structure of the door. If I removed the motor from it’s mountings, relieving the drive cable angle, it would work perfectly. Then upon reassembly I realised that there were two bolt holes for the forward motor mount. Moving the mounting bolt from the rear hole to the front hole changed the exit angle of the drive cable to one that would allow it to work properly.

Not sure why there would be two holes, but clearly the forward hole has never been used. I had moved the mounting bolt to the new hole and this was the result.

I liberally sprayed new grease into the sheathing for the drive cable, and sprayed loads of new grease into the motor housing, which helpfully has a hole for the very purpose and reassembled everything. While I was reassembling the door card, I also replaced the cigarette lighter in the door as the original was rusted and didn’t work as a result. I also stripped down the mirror switch as the electric mirrors weren’t working properly, this was just a case of dirty contacts as the inside of the switch is too basic to go wrong. Everything working properly and the satisfaction of another productive couple of hours.