Cutting Out No More

So it was today that I finally got chance to take the car out for a spin after changing the ECU for the replacement one. I had taken the car out prior to today but not for any long journeys, well any long enough to recreate the fault I was having.

This morning the better half decided that we were going to go out for lunch at a pub and that we were going out in the TVR. Fantastic, several birds with one stone here. I will be able to see if the random cutting out issue has gone, plus I get to give the car a good blast regardless, a meal out and I know that secretly she loves trips out in the car too.

I should probably point out I cannot remember the last time either I or anyone else washed the car, it is minging and is probably time I got a gravelly bucket out and cleaned the glass at least. But, I won’t because that is time that I could be driving or doing something useful.

Dragged the car out after charging the battery up yesterday anyway, the battery isn’t ruined, it has just been a few weeks since I last used it so it will be a bit low and when that happens the old fashioned alarm seems to use it’s internal battery to help start the car. I will have to get a proper alarm with a boot release at some point.

We headed off for a drive, we decided on Buxton, Leek, Stoke and finish up at the Nags Head in Haughton. We stopped off in Congleton for a McWee, plus it gave the first restart of the engine since it was previously running. This is when typically the car would die and restart on it’s own several times before you could continue the journey. On our way again, the cutting out never happened…

In the traffic in Congleton, we saw a lovely Rolls Royce, forgotten to take a picture of that at the time, but it was a light blue and fairly new Ghost. This sparked a “if money was no object” conversation about cars, we discussed a bit of what would you have as a daily drive if money was indeed no object. We both concluded that the daily drive would have to be an estate car for practicality coupled with some thundering great engine because nobody is impressed by electric motors.

Powering through the countryside in Buxton, we were reminded that it was winter and the tyres were cold and the roads greasy with salt and dampness. It would certainly be less than difficult to end up driving through a bush and down a substantial hill or making a very final parking stop in a tree. There was certainly no spirited driving to be found around the corners today and the back end was even a little wiggly if you fed the power on too quickly in a straight line.

We saw some bikers out enjoying the quiet countryside roads too, while they were clearly enjoying themselves they were also clearly being cautious as well.

A bit of a crappy photo taken here from the rushed wife, but today I turned over 85,000 miles too, I guess this car is certainly proof that you buy based on history and not mileage or age. If you think buying a low mileage car is the answer, have that conversation with me and I will happily tell you how many money pit cars I bought after falling into the low mileage trap.

Either way, we turned up at the pub, got parked up and had a fantastic meal, we love it here, the food is out of this world and the staff and atmosphere are of exactly the same quality.

The car performed perfectly, the cutting out issue appears finally solved, even the almost dead clutch behaved itself with no slipping at all, on that note, the final parts for that are ordered and I am going to have to twist the arm of the mechanic to give me a hand changing that soon. The trip out on the NC500 is calling us and we are going to have to get it done at some point. Either way, Cheers!