Charcoal Canister

Part of the fuel tank venting system, very underwhelming the charcoal canister is removed by some and the fuel tank left vented to atmosphere. The little solenoid on top of the canister is opened by the ECU when the engine is started and then sucks the fuel vapour out of the canister into the inlet manifold and it is burned in the engine. Some emissions thing I am sure.

So I have the front grille off having a rummage about looking for the coolant leak. First thing I found was some bodge of connecting the filler neck to the washer bottle so removed all of that, I will come up with something to solve that at a later date.

Then I see this the charcoal canister behind the washer bottle.

You can see the old jubilee clip has rotted through and the canister has fallen out. Unfortunately this has broken off the solenoid pipe that goes to the inlet manifold.

Now obviously these parts are no longer available, it is an old GM part, on the up side charcoal doesn’t stop being charcoal so it doesn’t need replacing assuming I can repair the solenoid. So I gave that a go, trying to melt the plastic back together, needless to say, this failed.

Some further investigation online and it would appear that the canister and solenoid is similar to Rover part WTB101031, I found one of these online and got it ordered. Thankfully the solenoid was identical so I replaced the solenoid, made up a new bracket for the canister and refitted it.