A New Start

Slow cranking has been a problem with this car since I have had it and I am fairly certain that it is nothing to do with the battery, so the most obvious culprit after that is of course the starter motor.

I took myself to ebay as there is no end of Land Rover and Range Rover parts there and found myself a remanufactured Bosch unit with a two year warranty. I had contemplated a high torque starter motor from various places, but I am pretty sure that while they perform better they are not worth the almost £400 price tag.

Of course with the Chimaera being only a few inches from the floor and me having a gravel driveway anything underneath requires a lift, so it was off to the workshop again.

Once in the air, it is a simple job that would take ages faffing about on the floor at home. Now what wasn’t clear from the advert on ebay is that the starter motor was a remanufactured Bosch unit and not remanufactured by Bosch. Either way, it was a reman starter motor so they follow fairly standard procedures.

The starter motor was quickly changed and now is turning the engine over a treat. Gratuitous ramp photo for no good reason and I was on my way home.