Station Pilot Car & Bike Meet

My wife and I decided to take a visit to the Station Pilot today as there was a car meet arranged through Facebook. We thought it would be a nice opportunity to get out and meet a few fellow car enthusiasts.

Needless to say it was freezing, -4C when we left the house just before 11am, definitely keeping the roof up today and the heaters on full. Thankfully the heater in the TVR is really good and after a few minutes we were lovely and warm with the windows cracked open to enjoy that unmistakable burble.

Upon arrival it was a little quiet though, granted we got there a little early at about 10.50am, by about 11.15 there were plenty of people turning up.

Thoroughly enjoyed having a chat with other car people and giving an insight into the how’s of TVR ownership. Also a few children sat in the car and had their photos taken, they looked made up, that was great to see.

Big thanks to whoever arranged a bacon butty and a brew for £4.50 too, that was a cracking deal in the pub.

There were plenty of photos taken and they are available on the Facebook page, seems there is little point me stealing them and posting them here again.

We hung around a little as it was more of a modified car meet than a classic or unusual car meet which is much more our thing. Perhaps we might give it another go in a few months and see if more of the classics and rare cars have been brought out of hibernation for the summer.