1995 TVR Chimaera
4.0HC V8

Bonkers, that is simply it, follow me while I try not to end up another statistic

ECU Woes

Further on from chasing the intermittent cutting out after restarting the car I thought

Fuel Pump Relays

Part of the ongoing saga that is the random cutting out on second start,

Rotor Arm

Further down the fault finding rabbit hole, following a conversation with the Distributor Doctor

New Battery Cables

Today’s job was to replace the battery cables, I was suffering from the infamous

Brake Reservoir

When replacing the perished fuel pipes today, I had noticed that the corner of

Crumbling Fuel Pipes

I have had to replace the fuel pipes I had already replaced recently, following

The School Prom

One thing I do get asked about is using my car for something other

Electric Window

Finally fed up of the speed at which the drivers window does, or doesn’t

One Last Problem

Since rebuilding the car and eliminating as many of the problems as possible, one

A Trip Out

Nothing really going on today, but we went out for a drive and something

A New Start

Slow cranking has been a problem with this car since I have had it

Pre Cats

Recently on the emissions machine for the MOT the car passed the emissions test

Charcoal Canister

Part of the fuel tank venting system, very underwhelming the charcoal canister is removed

A Leak?

I am losing a little coolant and have only driven on dry days so

Ignition Parts

Needless to say, this car is a bit of a project, I bought it

Private Plate

The car came with a private plate, clearly it meant something to one of