Where am I going to put it?

So as I am sure is fairly obvious already, I am a little spur of the moment with little in the way of planning and one thing I quickly realised that I needed to deal with was where I was going to keep another car that probably shouldn’t be getting any wetter than the other car I have that also is allergic to the rain.

When we moved into this house we had a garage, a concrete sectional garage with an asbestos roof. The garage was rotten with the rusty supporting steel parts blowing out through the concrete and the asbestos roof acting like a sponge and allowing the rain to continue inside for many days after the rain had actually stopped. So because of the cost of replacement, we just threw it away.

Thankfully one thing we never got round to was removing the old concrete slab that the garage sat on. There were visions of turning it into a patio or similar, but typically interest was lost and it stayed as a big slab of concrete. Now clearly this was going to be the place for the Morris to live, I had to modify the fence so I could get the Morris into the back garden and onto what was the garage.

When I put up the new fence to make the garden after we had taken the garage down, we had used concrete posts. So a decision was made that on the basis of how often the car would come out of the garden we would replace the gate post with a timber one so it could be slid out, the fence panel removed and the car could be moved in and out. But this still left what to do about keeping the rain off the car.

Thankfully it is August and the weather was lovely so this wasn’t a pressing issue, well this week at least, this is British weather after all. So a bit of research, well actually a lot, I found this carport that bolted to the floor for a reasonable price. I got it ordered and we will have to see if it is any good when it turns up.

So with regular reckless abandon, I propped up the bits of fence that were left and planned to get the new fence post fitted another day. I have got a new car to play with after all, that is far more exciting than digging holes in the floor and keeping the neighbours happy with the appearance of my house.