Today I bought a Morris 10/4 Saloon

I had been looking for a classic car for some time and came across this one by complete fluke, but soon I had parted with a deposit and the Morris was destined to be mine.

Earlier in the week I had spoken to a guy about going to view his Lanchester, for those who don’t know they were a little known car manufacturer that eventually became part of Daimler and subsequently Jaguar. The rarity value had piqued my interest so I had arranged to view the car today, there was no obligation to buy it, and I made it clear that I was only going to have a look.

I had jumped in my daily drive and collected a friend along the way for a bit of a trip out, because why not and we set off. About 40 minutes into the drive I got a phone call from the guy advertising the car. He was calling to see if I had set off as he had actually just sold the car and didn’t want to waste my time, I was over half way there already, He apologised and said that he actually had a very similar car available for sale and I would be welcome to take a look at that one instead.

Well, a bit on the back foot as I had done no research about anything other than the Lanchester, I quickly realised that the traffic on the opposite carriageway was stationary so the chances of getting home again any time soon were slim. I agreed to finish my journey and go and see the second car anyway.

Upon arrival, the Lanchester sat outside and the new owner was happily putting boxes of spares into the boot of his new car. Having given the car a short walk around it became apparent that I probably would have turned it down anyway. It was clear that it needed a full interior, exterior and mechanical works to make it right and would have been a project a bit too far for me.

A little further down the driveway was a large L shaped garage and tucked away around the corner was the Morris Ten Four Series two. The owner quickly jumped in and pulled the car back so I could get a good look at it. My friend and I were quickly all over it, looking at things and poking and prodding the interior.

It was a lovely looking, well polished example with what looked like a recently refurbished interior, clearly there were things that needed doing to make it perfect, there was a large scratch in one of the doors and all four tyres clearly needed replacing. There were some fluid leaks, but all in all for 86 years old it was in stunning condition.

Well, after some conversation with the owner, we agreed a price and I left a deposit, I would make arrangements to collect the car asap.