The Pedal Box

The brake and clutch pedal on the Morris were incredibly floppy, an incredible amount of side to side movement, to the point where the pedals would almost touch each other. Clearly something not right here, I appreciate that things weren’t made to the current tolerances, but I doubt things were this bad.

I took the pedals apart, the two arms run on a pin with brass bushes, clearly the bushes were worn. The pin is corroded where the bushes sit and it has also seen better days.

I would have to think up something alternative to fix this, or I am going to have to get a new pin and bushes machined, as much as I am sure the purists would say that this needs to be kept original, the honest reality that these cars are not going to command the sort of money that keeping things original would cost. So a practical alternative was drawn up

Comprising of some imperial steel bar, some imperial ball bearings and some nylon bushes to keep the bearings where they should be. Each pedal arm will have a bearing race on the outer edge and a nylon bush in the middle to keep them in the right place. This will give a much more precise pedal action, there should be no sideways slack in the pedals as everything is a proper fit.

While I was taking the pedal box apart, I removed the brake master cylinder, that has seen better days also and is going to require rebuilding or replacing also. All a project for another day now, one step closer to removing the engine.