Some Parts Refurbished

Following the disaster in the engine caused by the bits of glue entering the oil pump I had found a local company to replace the mesh in the oil strainer. It seems the company will also be able to machine some other parts that I need to complete the rebuild of the engine which is really good news because finding talented people that aren’t trying to rip you off under the guise of “vintage car specialists” is really difficult.

Really pleased with this and I was charged a tiny £30 for supplying and replacing the mesh. As this is the only thing in the engine filtering the engine oil it is daft neglecting it, as I found out thanks to a previous owner.

Additionally to this I have managed to get the clutch plate re-corked, twice actually. The first time, the job done was worse than someone would accept for a DIY job and the second time a perfect job and a third of the price of the first attempt. Fear not the first people refunded me straight away.

In case anyone is curious, the specifications I found for the clutch plate was an overall finished thickness of 3/8″ with a tolerance of 0.010″. The metal plate is 1/8″ and there should be 1/8″ either side of this once finished. Here is the finished product.

Really impressed with the quality of the cork as you are not supposed to use wine bottle corks as they contain glues and cause problems when the break up and become gummy as a result. So thanks to The Clutch Cork Carvery, who you can find on Facebook.

Additionally, as I too thought the corks were glued to the surface, here is a picture without some cork in the plate.