Replacement Steering Arm

I had sourced a replacement steering arm following the snapping of mine, I thought it would be impossible but here it is.

I thought it prudent to remove the paint and old man grease to see what condition this one was in, on first inspection it seemed that it was destined to suffer the same fate as mine.

You can see hairline cracks across the forward bolt hole, this is where mine had become detached when pulling off my driveway. so I set about cleaning it up to make sure.

Sure enough, not only the crack through the bolt hole, but one further down too hidden by the paint.

I had posted on the pre 1945 Morris group on Facebook to see if anyone else has a spare that they would be able to take a photo of and see if this was a common problem.

Sure enough a photo of another one with cracks in the same place, clearly this is a common problem as I have one that has snapped and two that are cracked and all three of them have failed in exactly the same place.

These are obviously unavailable new and sourcing a good used one is proving impossible, I don’t see that I have many other options than to get this unbroken replacement one repaired. I suspect this will involve grinding the crack out and welding it up. The only other alternative is getting a new part made, something I suspect will be prohibitively expensive.