Removing the Steering

One major problem that I was aware of when I bought the car was the condition of the steering, it was very, very wrong. Now this wasn’t related to the snapping of the steering arm this was something else.

The car would drive normally then all of a sudden become incredibly difficult to control. So removal of the steering for inspection or repair was next on the agenda. First things first was removing the wiring that goes down the centre of the steering column and through the steering box.

These wires are from the steering wheel controls for the trafficators and horn. Next was removing the steering wheel. Unfortunately at some point someone has murdered the thread holding the wheel on, the nut too was completely ruined. I will have to think something up to repair this when it comes to reassembly, I would suggest there is insufficient material to cut a new thread as it is a hollow tube.

The end of the worm drive shows some signs of pitting, but not enough to explain why the steering was as bad as it was. also one of the bearings has split. I had spent a long time trying to source a spare bearing from many sources, but it would seem that while this steering box was used in many other applications, it was a slightly different version and everything about it is slightly different including the bearings. So the only option here is to repair the existing bearing.

The steering box worm drive and pin are not excessively worn and will happily be reassembled without any need for modification or repair. I will replace the original felt oil seal with a modern lip seal and this will stop one of the many oil leaks the car currently has.

Along with removing the steering I have also removed the front axle, as the king pins are completely ruined with play in every direction. Fortunately the previous owner had provided me with another front axle that has had the king pins replaced already and has not yet been used. As it is all stripped down, I will also replace the open type wheel bearings with sealed type bearings, removing the need for oil seals and felt seals to keep the oil inside the hub bearing housing clean.