Further Disassembly

Today I set about further taking things apart ready for getting the engine out. I started with the radiator, to find that this has clearly been leaking from the top tank on both sides, so understandably this is going to have to be recored. I know this looks like the bottom, the radiator is upside down.

There was another core plug behind the fan assembly that shows signs of possibly leaking, so this can be added to the list of things to be replaced.

I set about removing the head, this was, well, difficult. One of the studs was rusted inside the head and even using the weight of the car I was unable to remove it. Heat, hammers and ignorance wouldn’t budge it either, in the end, despite being aware that it would likely damage the mating faces, I had to drive chisels and pry bars in between the head and block to separate the two parts. There was considerable force required, but I got there.

Obviously as a result both the head and block are now going to have to be skimmed but adding this to the growing list of repairs was inevitable regardless of my forceful intervention.

You can see the condition of the core plug holes in the head better now it has been removed.

Something else that is clear now the head is removed is the corrosion in the waterways and how that is clearly going to affect the cooling of the engine.

One final point to note was the misting of oil around the seemingly sealed filler neck. The inner wing and everything on that side of the engine were quite substantially covered in oil. It was suggested to me that this would likely be caused by broken piston rings creating excessive crankcase pressure and blowing the oil out of the filler neck. Something else to investigate once the engine is removed.

I had also removed the starter motor at this point as the solenoid was damaged and would require replacing. Nice to see that the gasket was there, but there was oil leaking from the starter motor hole anyway, so a new gasket woul have to be made,

Well all in all another destructive days work, I shall continue working away at it until the weather gets too cold and I lose interest for the winter. Next is removing the studs as they will need to be replaced as a matter of course, along with seeming the inlet and exhaust studs as a few of these are unacceptably corroded.