Front Brakes and The Beginning

So following on from removing the steering box, link arms and front axle I had moved the brakes out of the way, assuming that on reassembly I would just put them back together and all would be well. It occured to me that it would be silly to have them off and not inspect them.

Well obviously this is where it all goes wrong. So first things first I took the brake fluid cap off to find that the inside of the cap was actually in the bottom of the reservoir and there was an outstanding amount of rust which can be no good sign.

Upon further inspection the reservoir has a hole rusted through at the top so will need replacement. The brake hoses have seen better days so these will need to be replaced. I thought it would be an idea to drain the brake fluid too, and it was like milk.

It is starting to become frightening the condition of critical items on this car. I was driving this home on the motorway at nearly 50 miles an hour! So far I have found the steering to be dangerous, the king pins shot, the front axle was fitted backwards, one of the shock absorbers not attached and the brakes to be in a shocking condition.

Inspection of the front brake cylinders shows signs of leaking, again these are going to have to be repaired.

So I thought it time to drain the engine oil, clearly something is amiss here so I dread to think what condition things are in there. Well someone has clearly changed the oil as this wasn’t horrific, but the condition of the sump plug is less than ideal. I am going to have to get this sorted out too.

OK so now I am under the impression that things aren’t good in general. I drained the radiator to find this. Yes correct, I had assumed that this would be the case before I even started draining the radiator, but it is just water, no antifreeze, I should imagine that this isn’t going to go well and I would be right.

So I removed the radiator top hose and found this, needless to say I am no longer angry, I am just impressed with the level of neglect as while clearly someone has loved this car at some point it is far from loved since then.

Well the inside of the cooling system is a disgrace, so I went ahead and removed the bottom radiator hose to find a similar state of things. and I the removed the hose connector from the engine block to see this inside. The words going through my head were less than family friendly at this point.

With the assumption that now the engine is going to have to come out, I stuck my finger inside the engine block and scooped out endless quantities of this.

Um yay! So without doubt the engine is going to have to come out and get cleaned out inside, I was aware that the core plugs were going to need replacing, but there is little point just doing this as I had originally planned so I set about getting out some more things. Here is a picture of the core plugs that I was aware of when buying the car.

You can see that I had removed the dynamo here, for yet more DIY mechanical brilliance. The thread from both the nut and the spindle of the dynamo was stripped.

No photos for this but I had also removed the front shock absorbers and link arms. The passenger side shock absorber suggested signs of leaking fluid and the rubber inserts on both links arms are perished. so These will be sent away for refurbishment.

Further removal of things to follow, I can see no real alternative now other than to repair, replace or refurbish everything forward of the bulkhead. The amount of disassembly that this is going to require and the level of neglect that the car has suffered makes it clear that I have no other option.