Finger Out Time

Well, I had waited for the weather to stop being absolutely frozen before venturing outside again, and to be honest while this project was stalled for a while it is warming up out there, so the idea of playing cars is becoming more attractive.

So today I thought it was time to get the engine out of the car so I can get it checked over. This is where I had got to previously and was the next step. One guy without an engine crane, very thankful that the engine and gearbox weren’t that heavy and with the help of the jack removal was fairly straightforward.

I mean, it was considerably aided by the fact that there wasn’t much of the front of the car left attached having removed so much following the steering snapping, but I got it out.

I separated the engine and gearbox, removed the clutch which is certainly not all that bad, but I will get it recorked while it is out because it would be silly not to. The flywheel and clutch plate are in good condition too, another welcome surprise.

The ring gear is not perfect, but far from ruined, plus with the cost these are new, there is plenty of life left in this one. It is just very slightly chewed up, not as bad as I think it is in my head.

I removed the number four piston to check the condition of the rings, as it was suggested that the wetness in the engine bay was being partly caused by excessive blow past the rings. The compression ring was in several pieces, so I am either going to source some new rings, or a set of pistons. I will take advice from the machining company when I finally get the engine to them for the work that needs doing.

I will of course be getting the hardened exhaust valve seats fitted as a minimum while the engine is out for machining, I am in two minds to just get all eight done while it is out and in the hands of someone capable, they aren’t all that expensive.

One thing that is a little annoying is the condition of the sump, most of the bolts were cross threaded or just stripped and held in with some goo. I cannot see much point doing anything other than fitting helicoils to all of the sump bolt holes in the engine block. I will put in some standard metric helicoil inserts, making inspection of the oil filter easier as the oil change intervals are very short on this engine.

Unfortunately this is another issue, the oil filter is torn in several places and someone has done some kind of failed repair and just put it back together anyway, there is JB Weld and solder and silicone and all sorts of disasters in here.

Additionally there are some interesting lumps of stuff in the bottom of the sump. I am hoping that these are not in the oil ways in the engine, but as I do not have the right socket to take the crank bolt out at the moment, this will have to wait for another day.

This is the big end from cylinder four, there is some scoring there, but generally this is in good condition, there is a matching mark on the crankshaft so until I have removed the other bearing caps I am not in a position to see if the crank is going to get reground and new white metal bearings made.

All in all a productive afternoon, I will get a socket for the crank pulley and get the crankshaft out next. Once the engine is all stripped down, I will get it cleaned up and sandblasted so when it comes back from being machined it will be ready for me to paint it. I have got some MOWOG green to paint the engine. If I am not mistaken this is the colour the reconditioned engines were painted that were fitted to cars back in the day.

Plenty to do, I get the impression this is going to keep me and my bank balance busy for a weekend or two.