DIY Destroys Engine

Well, I have finally got the engine stripped with the exception of the camshaft and I am astonished at the condition of the crankshaft, the main and big end bearings. I think it is safe to say that the whole lot has been destroyed by oil starvation, oil pump failure I hear you cry but no, DIY incompetence has caused this.

I suppose that you would prefer that I substantiate that claim with some evidence, well sure enough I can, here goes. Do you remember the oil strainer that had been bodged together instead of being repaired competently? Here is a photo of it.

Take particular note of the blobs of some sort of glue that wasn’t really holding it together, and also they appear here in the sump.

Yes you have already guessed it, the oil pump ingested some of these blobs of glue and other crap, until one too big to go all the way in blocked the oil pickup pipe. So while the oil pressure would have been sufficient, and the gauge will have displayed as such because there was oil and the pump was pumping it, the flow rate will have been only a tiny percentage of what it should have been.

So for all you heroes out there who think that your DIY efforts match those of professional and competent repairs, stop.

Here you can see the glue in the top of the oil pickup.

This is the size of the bit of glue compared to the oil pickup pipe.

The following photos show what damage has been caused as a result of the oil starvation. I was picking bits of loose main bearings out of the shells, the crank is going to take some considerable work to get it back right again too. I am hoping that this has not scrapped the engine, but given that it has been substantially machined in the past, it is possible that this has met its end.

Additionally to this, the big end bearings that are white metal are also destroyed.

With the pistons out I am now able to see that an awful lot of the piston rings are damaged, one of the compression rings was missing completely, while bits of others rained out when the pistons were withdrawn.

So what next?

Well in reality even with the cost of what I have spent on engine gaskets and other engine parts, I may be as well cutting my losses and opting for a more modern engine at considerably less cost and putting this one in the bin. After all I have to consider what these cars are ultimately worth even in concours condition.

I will take some advice and do some research and revisit this soon.

In the meantime and all the time, bodgery is not a repair.