Distributor Rebuild

So today the distributor was returned to me from the Distributor Doctor, needless to say I am very pleased with the results.

Upon removal from the car, it was clear that the distributor had passed it’s best. There was bearing float in every direction of the spindle. It was clear that it required professional attention and who better than the Distributor Doctor.

Take a look at the photos, they speak for themselves, it is nearly 90 years old, but arguable better than new.

All of the parts have been cleaned, sandblasted and either powder coated or zinc plated. I had forgotten to remove the clamp and they had sandblasted that and zinc plated it too. There were new points, condenser, arm, cap and lead connectors. Brilliant service, very pleased indeed.

There was even a graph showing the distributors performance when tested. I am looking forward to getting the engine back together and seeing if there is much improvement.