1936 Morris
Ten Four Series 2

Sliding head saloon with the optional rear luggage rack

Cleaning the Block

I have now completely stripped the block ready to take for machining, so thought

DIY Destroys Engine

Well, I have finally got the engine stripped with the exception of the camshaft

Finger Out Time

Well, I had waited for the weather to stop being absolutely frozen before venturing

Happy New Tools

Just a quick one, happy new tools to me, fed up of the fight

The Pedal Box

The brake and clutch pedal on the Morris were incredibly floppy, an incredible amount

Distributor Rebuild

So today the distributor was returned to me from the Distributor Doctor, needless to

Further Disassembly

Today I set about further taking things apart ready for getting the engine out.

The Core Plugs

So I took the time to remove a couple of the core plugs today,

Bump Stops

When I removed the front axle the other day I was faced with the

New Home

Well I have now got the new car port built, I am very pleased

The Drive Home

So I spent the night working out how I was going to get the