Warranty Work Completed

One thing you cannot fault is the Kia warranty, you will get things replaced that any other manufacturer will just laugh you out of the door for! A bit like I was originally, but that changed didn’t it.

So today the car was picked up around 10am for a trip off to the local Kia dealers for a glut of warranty work. Now let’s be honest, I am particular about what is and isn’t done to the car, how it looks and performs. I could easily have left these things and I would suggest that the majority of people would do exactly that.

First things first, the wheels, all four wheels had been kerbed, so looked awful, but further away from the kerbing was corrosion underneath the lacquer. So submitted for replacement under warranty, I had two wheels replaced with new, and because the dealer was sucking up for their previous neglect, they said that they would refurbish the other two wheels free of charge.

Here for a bit of before and after…

The wheels look fantastic, this is one of the refurbished ones, I should have asked who refurbished them because they have done a really good job.

Secondly, the cruise control switch was slightly pitting on top of the chrome, this has been replaced with a new part. It’s not very clear here, but you can just make out the dots on the right hand switch, they shouldn’t be there.

The drivers door skin had become delaminated from the middle crash bar, so when closed it sounded really cheap and like kicking a bean can. The dealership think that the door has had some paintwork in the past, however were trying to get this covered on warranty, but the claim was getting kicked back each time as they think Kia was struggling to understand what the problem was. I pointed out that I was not precious about getting a replacement door and that I would be happy with a repair. So today the door skin was rebonded to the crash bar and all is well.

The rear windscreen has been replaced today also, as the heating element lines had burnt out, or rubbed off or something. Either way the heating element wasn’t working, seemingly in the position where the Kia 7 Year Warranty sticker was originally stuck on. So happy new windscreen, again on warranty. I think you can see the damage to the lines in this picture.

One issue that was bothering me was the crappiness of the auto gearbox, now my wife has a seven speed auto box in her cee’d and it is lovely, almost to the point where you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a slushbox. Mine however was just crap, juddering when cold, slipping the clutch for seemingly no reason, changing up and down as it pleased. So upon checking there was a software update available, so the dealership has updated that and reset the adaptations the car had made to the gearbox software also. Fingers crossed it should be better now, but only some driving will tell.

One final thing done today, the tyres on the car were three Davanti, and one budget Good Year so I have had these replaced too. I had chosen some Good Year Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6, having done a lot of research online, these have won awards over and over with many independent tests even outperforming more expensive in most of these tests. As I don’t do a huge amount of miles in any one car and the tyres are usually replaced before they are worn out on an age basis, a soft grippy tyre suits my needs perfectly.

The car is going for a wheel alignment in the morning ahead of a long trip, always best to make sure the alignment is right after fitting new tyres.