Temporary Chariot

Today I have taken the Proceed off to the bodyshop for the tailgate and bonnet to be replaced under warranty. I have got myself this little Nissan Micra as a courtesy car in the meantime.

Honestly, it is quite a nice little car for what they are, keyless entry and start, surround view camera, cross lane traffic warning, adaptive cruise and a few other little extras. Hard scratchy plastics everywhere, but still a nice enough place to be.

Hopefully I will be getting the Proceed back soon enough, as part of replacing the tailgate and bonnet, both rear quarters and front wings will be getting blended in. the car should look new when I get it back.

Now the story that the Kia dealers have given me is that just the tailgate is having some rust treatment, but the bodyshop tell me that the panels are getting replaced, so I am sure I will see when I get it back. I was also told that I would be without the car for three weeks by the Kia dealership, the bodyshop laughed and said that while they are busy, they won’t be taking three weeks to replace a couple of panels.

In the meantime, I suppose I need to make the most out of the Micra and wait for a phone call.