Service Time

Thankfully, a little research for the new car and I had discovered that the previous owner had paid for a five year service plan. Two years of which were remaining, so I had the car booked in with the local Kia dealership for the car’s fourth year service.

They had arranged to collect the car and drop it back to me which was a nice touch, they had left me this new Kia X-Ceed to have a look at.

A quick look through the handbook and this is one of the bigger services, with oil change, all the filters and brake fluid to be changed too. While there I had created a list of warranty claim items I would like them to look at. This was the heating element has come away from the glass, one of the rear seats not folding properly, pitting on the chrome on the cruise switch, all four wheels corroding, the drivers door making a strange noise when closed and some rust issues.

The car was returned to me with an invoice for the work. They had broken the rear wiper blade however, they had replaced it but so had I only a couple of days earlier. Car cleaned and unfortunately all but one of the warranty claims had been rejected. They had agreed that the cruise control switch was faulty and that they would be able to replace that under warranty. For the rust I would have to take the car to their approved bodyshop for photos.

No drama, photo appointment arranged and I will get to that asap.