Not Serviced

So yes, I wrote this post a few times before deciding on this final version, I thought I would have a quick check over the car after it’s service and the only way to put this is the dealership hadn’t done it.

Yes, you read that right, I had got the car back a few days ago and thought I would give it a looking over. Prior to the service I had removed the pollen filter because it was difficult to clear the windscreen when it was fogged up. This is what I found.

That’s right, nothing. They hadn’t fitted a new pollen filter, thought a little more digging was required, so I dipped the oil and that appears to have been changed, nice and clean. Air filter? Nope, same story.

The air filter housing was full of debris and the filter dirty and full of leaves.

Needless to say I was starting to feel the red mist descending, one last check, the brakes, they wouldn’t just ignore safety critical items right? Wrong.

That’s right, after the service they hadn’t even bothered to bleed the brakes. Not happy.

I had to go back and check what had been billed for. Not forgetting I wasn’t paying for this and it was going to be billed to the company providing the service plan. As you can see, these things are all on the bill.

They had even sent me a video of the car on the ramp, so not sure what kind of excuses they were going to think up.

So a lengthy email had been sent to them detailing what I have found, along with a select few other recipients. We shall wait and see what comes of that.