New Number Plates

Got some new number plates delivered today, I had decided on some gel ones to replace the original dealer plates that had been on the car since new and were looking a bit scabby around the edges. We all know that number plates and wheels make a car look new.

I bought them from Easy Plates £24.99 for a pair plus postage of £7.99 seems alright to me. The postage was a little less of a sting as I bought a pair for my wife’s Ceed at the same time so less than £30 per car.

Got them fitted with some 3M VHB sticky pads from Amazon, left the plates and the pads on the radiator in the house as long as possible because it is cold out there and I didn’t want to have any issues with them falling off because they didn’t stick.

I much prefer the look of standard UK style plates without the border, novelty text or the GB / Euro flag, nice and clean and simple.