Another Bodywork Inspection

Today my car was taken by the Kia dealership for yet another bodywork inspection photoshoot as the warranty claim had been rejected again for insufficient photo quality. I was assured that this would be the last time as they had their own paint depth gauge now and weren’t relying on a third party to take the photos for them.

Promptly picked up at 10am with a phone call beforehand to make sure I was in, the car was away. Leaving a black Kia X-Ceed on the driveway for me to have a look around while mine was gone. Not sure I am keen on those, I don’t see where they fit in the market, but they seem popular so who am I to argue.

Upon return, I took a break from work to go and give the car a quick check over a you do and noticed this damage on the nearside rear quarter.

Another email to Kia to tell them and they had arranged to get the car picked up again to get it looked into and repaired. Shortly after they collected it, I had a call that it had polished out and they think it was caused by the hose from the pressure washer when they cleaned the car.

All good no drama and nothing lost, well not by me anyway, joys of working from home I guess. I can understand how people that rely on their cars would be cross though.