Since I have had new and refurbished wheels fitted and the tyres rim protector clearly wasn’t going to stop any damage at all, I thought it wise to fit the Alloygators that I had bought at the same time as the ones I bought for my wife’s car. I have opted for a graphite like colour that would match the wheels ish.

I couldn’t be bothered with a trip to the workshop today, so just did this at home on the driveway, it is nice to work at a leisurely pace, and with it being a weekend the refreshments appear magically at regular intervals which is nice. I got all the tools out I needed, I haven’t got a dead blow hammer at home, so I used a rubber mallet with an old sock over it.

I had learned from last time the importance of cutting the Alloygators to size correctly, it is wholly acceptable for them to be a few millimetres short and this is the key to them fitting on nice and easily. Having found this out the hard way when fitting the ones to the Ceed, these were a breeze to fit.

It had occurred to me that a video online from a company recommending Alloygators and showing how to fit them had also cut them too long and had the problem I originally had when fitting. No issues this time and they went on a treat, I did get a little leaking of air again when fitting these, but after a few seconds that stops and you just need to put a little more air back in after a few minutes of letting them settle.

A nice uneventful task that only took about an hour in total and hopefully these will protect my wheels from inevitable damage. If you are reading this and say you have never damaged an alloy wheel and don’t need something like this, you are lying to yourself, I managed to clip a kerb going to Costa coffee the other day, nobody is perfect. Thankfully that was before the wheels were refurbished so no drama.

Yes it needs a wash, at least it shows I do use it and not just play with it all the time. I think they are hardly noticeable from even a short distance, time will tell if they do the job.