Fitted Alloygators

So, the Cee’d has some 16″ wheels and some large profile tyres which means that kerbing isn’t really an issue. But we all know that try our best and it is inevitable that at some point even the best of us are going to clip that kerb at some point and get a little rash on the wheels.

This had happened to the nearside front wheel, the damage was so slight that you could hardly see it, but my wife is very particular about her car and it bothered her. It clearly wasn’t bad enough to warrant a refurb and to be honest if it was my daily I wouldn’t do anything about it at all.

With the idea of prevention is better than cure, and having done some research online, I already knew about this product so went to their website and ordered a sample set of the different colours they had to offer.

After much deliberation as the bright pink ones are half price, I am guessing that nobody wants those, but they do become a little more attractive at 50% off, she decided on purple ones. I had also decided on a graphite set for my car as that is about to have four new wheels under warranty and it made sense to buy mine at the same time as I do not have the luxury of large profile tyres.

I had come to fit them as it was a weekend and that means the cee’d isn’t at work. Following the instructions that came with them and their instructional video online it was fairly clear what to do. Although I was obviously fitting them to this car so I could get used to doing it on mine and not cock it up.

Fitting went well, the only thing I had to note was not to be shy about cutting them a little short, as if they are even the tiniest bit oversized they do not fit nicely at all. Also the superglue that came with them had dried up, so I needed some more. That is why the cover parts are not fitted in the pictures.

Got to finishing the last one and upon reinflating the tyre, I realised that the bead had come unseated and was leaking a little air. I have the tyre a bit more air than was needed, gave it a bash with a hammer and it settled down and stopped leaking. Checked the pressure on the other tyres again and all was well.