How Overdue?

So a friend of mine that works nights said that she had a flat tyre after hitting a pot hole on the A500 last night and wondered if I could get it sorted out for her. Got the pothole reported on the Cheshire East system first obviously.

After a look at the tyre it had clearly been driven flat for some distance and was ruined with bulges and obvious damage to the sidewall. No worries I would make some time and get it sorted out for her.

A quick call to Pit Stop Tyres in Crewe to check they had one in stock and I was on my way, always had great service here and have used them many times. But as I jump in the car I see this!!

No it wasn’t an error, this was right, so not only did I have to sort out her tyre, I also had to get the oil change done too because that was a little too overdue to just be leaving like that really.

The 1.6HDi turbo engine is not well known for it’s brilliance when neglected, so as soon as the tyre was sorted it was back to the workshop to get the oil changed. Threw a flush in for good measure while I was driving to the unit to do it.

Dropping the oil it was minging and clearly well overdue. I left that draining while I swapped the spacesaver for the proper wheel and put the spacesaver back in the boot. Fresh oil and filter in and I was on my way home.

She was very pleased when she got up, and a good deed done for the day.