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Here is where I keep the posts about my pre war Morris 10/4, what a story this one is…

  • Registered 19th April 1936
  • 1,292cc Side valve engine
  • Red over Black paint
  • Red upholstery
  • Cost When New £182 10s
  • Optional extras – 
  • Folding Luggage Grid 30s
  • Tax when new £7 10s

Read this blog about my little bit of V8 insanity. Yes it is true it has no safety features, no ABS, no crash protection, no airbags and it is right that the switches make absolutely no sense, find the inside door handles…

  • Registered 16th December 1995
  • 3,950cc HC V8 Manual
  • Doeskin and Cranberry interior
  • Ruby Mica Red paint
  • Black Mohair roof
  • No power steering
  • Optional extras – None
  • Cost when new £30,450

My daily drive, as a fan of obscure car models, this ticks that box, this was a very low production run of around 1500. Specifically this model there are only 480 remaining in the UK

  • Registered 3rd June 2014
  • 1,995cc N47 Diesel
  • 8 Speed Automatic
  • Glacier Silver metallic paint
  • Black leather M Sport interior
  • Optional extras
  • Many
  • Cost when new £44,945

This surprisingly nice to drive car belongs to my wife and is her daily drive to work. While on the face of it, this is a no frills basic model, it is very well equipped considering it is fairly low down the model line up. One of the very last of this shape, it was an ex Kia UK car and came with a new 7 year warranty when we bought it just over a year old…

  • Registered 27th July 2018
  • 1,582cc CRDi
  • 7 Speed DCT Automatic
  • Deluxe White Pearl paint
  • Black Premium Cloth interior
  • Optional Extras
  • Kia Towbar
  • Cost when new £22,665

I recently parted with this car, because apparently it is not reasonable to have five cars, I mean, it is, right? Best to keep the peace though

  • Registered March 2007
  • 2,993cc 6 Cylinder Diesel
  • Torque Converter Automatic
  • Monaco Blue Metallic
  • Black Dakota Leather
  • Dark Poplar Wood
  • Optional extras
  • Pretty much all of them

My previous daily drive, the little known Kia Proceed GT-Line S Shooting Brake. This 1.4 turbo petrol automatic in an unusually rare trim level with just over 600 examples in the UK is no longer offered for sale from Kia UK, who knows why, it is fantastic with toys the BMW and Audi drivers can only dream of…

  • Registered 25th May 2019
  • 1,353cc T-GDi engine
  • 7 Speed DCT Automatic
  • Deluxe White Pearl paint
  • Black faux suede interior
  • Optional extras
  • None
  • Cost when new £29,260

Not really specific to one of my cars, perhaps I went to a show, helped a friend out, had a BBQ, broke the shed door (again), or spent the day trying to convince the better half that I still need a double decker bus and it’ll be alright on the driveway and how I am sure the neighbours won’t mind at all. Read about it here…

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