about me

From cars to websites

One man, his cars, his wonderful wife, his beautiful daughter and his dog

Oddly enough, I don't own a garage
but I do make websites

Well, I sit here as a Web Developer thinking what could I possibly do that covers all aspects of what I do. This site doubles up as a professional and personal project, keeping tabs on what I am doing with my number one hobby, cars. While also showcasing a website I have made, two birds one stone and all that.

So first things first, yes I can make you a website, this one is impressive isn’t it? I have many other online projects I work on, from little hobby sites like this one, very technical data rich sites to websites for the rich and famous. No name dropping here, but I am sure they would tell you who I am.

Who am I? I am Rich, I live in Cheshire with my family, my wife, daughter and our Border Collie. With my very patient wife by my side I spend a lot of my spare time engaged in cars in some way. Be it visiting shows, weekends away in a car or outside under a bonnet trying to work out what I did to get myself into this situation. Happy to talk car nonsense to anyone.

Star of the show

Well assuming that the cars are working, I am happy to drive to shows in any car. I have also been known to attend charity events and help raise money.

Children are welcome to have their photos taken in the cars, I am not precious, get hands on, these cars are for using and enjoying. I was that child once and nothing upset me more than look and don’t touch, I wanted to live the dream, tell my friends I have been in one of those when they see it on the telly.

I am also open to providing any of the cars for use in film and TV, so if you are looking for a car like one of mine, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

If you are a student and are making a film or stage production and would like to feature a car I have, I would love to hear from you.